K. Sateen

Human Scoundrel


Human Scoundrel
Owes the Black Sun
Fast Life on the Space Lanes
Overprotective Older Sibling
Never Tell Me The Odds!

(Great): Deceit
(Good): Crafts, Notice
(Fair): Athletics, Smuggler, Shooting
(Average): Empathy, Contacts, Rapport, Drive

Refresh: 3

Crafts Stunt
Collateral Damage: You can use Crafts to attack people physically, provided there are machines and structures in the area that you can use to cause them damage (for example, steam pipes that could be ruptured, wires that could be severed, portcullises that could be dropped).

Deceit Stunt
Lies upon Lies: +2 to create a Deceit advantage against someone who has believed one of your lies already during this session.

Shooting Stunt
Called Shot: During a conflict, spend a fate point and declare a specific
condition you want to inflict on a target, like “Shot in the Hand”. If
you succeed, you place that as a scene aspect on them in addition to
hitting them for stress.


Played By: Ryan Reynolds or Mila Kunis

Ran away from home at age 17 to live the adventurous life of a smuggler, which you had been raised on stories of by your mother (an ex-smuggler). You were living, starving on a space station, when you were caught by a freighter captain when you tried to steal from him. He offered you a place on his crew, and so began a life like you had dreamed about.

When the emergency call reached you, telling you that Zygerrian Slavers had attacked your homeworld, you knew you had to go back to help your family. You made a deal with the Black Sun to help get through the blockade. Your younger sibling was the only survivor, your parents having given their lives to let him/her escape. You vowed to continue their wishes, to protect Jenner and make sure s/he was trained in the ways of the Jedi. With your mother’s freighter and the remains of the money borrowed from the Black Sun, you headed to Tython, home of the New Jedi Order. Jenner knows nothing of your debt to the Black Sun.

Against all odds, you managed to extract Oden from a really hostile situation that had looked hopeless.

K. Sateen

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